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Under the terms of a new EU regulation (GDPR) that applies from May 25 2018, companies needs to document a clear approval from recipients of mailings like newsletters. Below is the information listed of how your data is registered and the purpose of the register:


  • We store your name, company name and email address.

  •  We send emails to your email address 4-6 times per year with product news, exciting development projects, event information and such.

  •  We will keep your information until you let us know that you no longer want us to do so.

  •  You may, at any time, notify us that you wish us to change the information or remove you from our registry.

  • We never share or sell your contact information to other operators.

  •  If you would like to find out more about the data we have registered about you, please contact us at privacy.marketing@lesjoforsab.com

More information about GDPR at the Swedish Data Inspection Authority´s web page.