Number 2  |  2014

Manufacturing in many countries provides great opportunities worldwide

Lesjöfors continues the strong expansion and anticipates total sales this year in order of about SEK 2 billion (EUR 206 million). Currently, production facilities are available at 21 factories that can provide excellent support to customers worldwide. Overall, Lesjöfors probably provides the market's strongest offering in the spring area and can as a complete spring supplier support customers regardless of which countries they operate in.

“You can be rest assured that we have implemented the level of quality and technology required, and ensure that supplies and service work the same way as in all Lesjöfors companies", says CEO Kjell-Arne Lindbäck.

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Lesjöfors innovation streamlines green energy producing Stirling engine

Thanks to a specially developed suspension system for heating sheets in a Stirling engine, Lesjöfors has helped to improve the efficiency of an innovative product for the sustainable energy solution company Cleanergy. The CHP system converts methane gas from landfills, water treatment plants and agriculture sector into heat and electricity.

Read more about the cooperation with Cleanergy


Lesjöfors is an international supplier of springs and pressings

One of Europe's top spring and pressings specialists

Lesjöfors is one of Europe's leading spring suppliers with internationally renowned customers. Our products are available in all possible markets and in different industries, from automotive and engineering industries to health care and household products.

The assortment of springs and pressings features a unique range, where one of the biggest selections of standard springs is combined with high-tech, customized solutions.

Lesjöfors has manufacturing and sales offices in many European countries and in China, Korea and Russia.

Our outstanding technological expertise in the group makes us a complete supplier.

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Lesjöfors Latvia shared their success story at international conference

Lesjöfors in Latvia was invited as speaker on Transbaltica 2015 in Liepaja. Member of Board Girts Ancevskis got the opportunity to tell the audience the story behind the company's business success in the Baltics.

Lesjöfors has since the start twelve years ago in Latvia expanded continuously thanks to a clear focus on growth.
More about Lesjöfors in Latvia

Honorable Slovakian award to Centrum B

The Slovakian Lesjöfors company Centrum B was in April awarded with the “Social Responsible Company” Seal in an assessment from a national business development organization.

High set standards of e.g. ethics and profitability must be fulfilled to achieve the award. Only 4.4 per cent of the Slovakian companies fulfills all criterias so the award is very important to the company.

Learn more about Centrum B

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