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No. 2  |  2016

Lesjöfors' presence in Asia strengthens customer focus

Local manufacturing in close customer collaboration is the successful concept the Lesjöfors Group uses worldwide. With the widest range of springs and with production facilities in new geographical areas, future achievements are anticipated.

Learn how CEO Kjell-Arne Lindbäck sees the future focus of the company.

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Lesjöfors acquires Asian spring manufacturer

Lesjöfors has acquired the John While Group Inc, a Singaporean based spring company with subsidiaries in China, Thailand and Singapore. The acquisition strengthens Lesjöfors’s position in Asia and expands its customer base in several emerging markets.

Learn more about the acquisition


Springs feature window displays of
Liberty of London

At the moment springs from European Springs & Pressings are featured in the window displays of the famous emporium Liberty of London.
“Couture clothing, high end labels and one of the world’s finest shopping destinations is a move away from our existing customer base but one we were delighted to embrace”, says Michael Gibbs, MD of European Springs & Pressings in Cornwall.

Learn more about the creative spring display



OptiSpring – specialized program for technical spring calculations

Technical calculations of springs is one of the most important tasks for the Lesjöfors Group's technicians and sales staff. With an advanced calculation program most calculations can easily be performed with the highest accuracy.

The self-developed software OptiSpring includes modules for most of the spring types that Lesjöfors manufactures.

Read more about advanced spring calculations

One of Europe's top spring and pressings specialists

Lesjöfors is one of Europe's leading spring suppliers with internationally renowned customers. Our products are available in all possible markets and in different industries, from automotive and engineering industries to health care and household products.

The assortment of springs and pressings features a unique range, where one of the biggest selections of standard springs is combined with high-tech, customized solutions.

Lesjöfors has manufacturing and sales offices in many European countries as well as in the US, Mexico, China, Thailand, Singapore, Korea and Russia.

Our outstanding technological expertise in the group makes us a complete supplier.

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