Number 3  |  2014

Free entrance and the latest within spring development

Elmia Subcontractor runs this year November 11-14 in Jönköping.

At Lesjöfors' stand A06:30 you will meet our friendly and competent staff. You can also experience samples from our wide range of springs where both standard springs and customized solutions are included.

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If you pre-register via the link below, you can visit Elmia Subcontractor for free. Fill in your details and then print your entry pass.

The fair is open daily 9-17 (Friday to 15 pm). We look forward to meeting you and to discuss your spring needs!

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Experience high-class racing springs

Again Chalmers students have created a winning prototype of a race car for international student races. The Swedish team reached superposition in both the UK and Germany. Lesjöfors sponsored the vehicle with high-class chassis springs.

You can experience the innovative race car at our stand!

Success with Lesjöfors springs in international student race

One way in to the Group's collective spring range

If you do business with several Lesjöfors companies you can now turn to one single contact person that holds your business together. This way you get easy access to the Group's product range with everything from technology and prices to deliveries.

Our sales staff has instant access to the entire Group's specialized skills. They answer questions about strength analysis, fatigue testing, surface treatment and material issues, temperature or other environmental issues, FEM calculations, materials analysis, tool design etc.

Contacts in the Nordic countries:


Lesjöfors enters US market following acquisition

Lesjöfors AB has purchased the spring operations of Sandvik Materials Technology – a leading manufacturer in the US market. The company focuses on power springs and revenue of about MSEK 100.

The acquisition opens up a new market and provides the opportunity for support to existing customers.
More about the US expansion

21 manufacturing units within the Group

Lesjöfors is now represented at 28 locations worldwide, including 21 manufacturing plants in ten countries. This makes Lesjöfors one of Europe's leading spring manufacturers, an advantage that you as a customer can benefit greatly from.

Our locations

Lesjöfors chassis springs in Volvo S60/V60 Polestar

Lesjöfors Fjädrar has been chosen to supply springs to Volvo S60/V60 Polestar, a high performance car focused on the driving experience.

The spring development was characterized by a close cooperation with quality as a main parameter.
More about the cooperation with Volvo
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