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Newsletter - August 2014


Summit Ship News

Keeping the Course

The leading international maritime trade fair SMM in Hamburg this year will also feature Offshore as a topic. Summit will visit the fair on the 11th and 12th of September, and we are keen to get more information about what drives you. Why don’t take the chance on a coffee and discussion of new upcoming challenges and trends? If you are interested in joining, please feel free to contact us.

SMM 2014

Drawing automation

We and Siemens in cooperation with some of our ship customers have been working on a project to create a drawing automation tool for section views. This project is a prototype for a tool that is planned by Siemens for NX 10 and future releases. Our prototype version will be available solely for our Norwegian Ship customers, and the final release will be available for you on the 25th of August.

If you are interested in get a Demo of this and to get this prototype please contact us

Drawing information

Tips & Tricks

In this tip we will show you how you can implement parameters from the Grid part in a Main Dimension table on a GA drawing. By combining different linked expressions from the Grid part you are able to create specific ship related parameters as input in the Main Dimension table. These parameters are associative. So updates to the Main Dimensions or other features in the Grid part will lead to updates of the input in the Main Dimension table also. This is possible for any expression or attribute of a component inside your drawing assembly. See the video on our Youtube channel here, or download it here.

Tips & Trix


De Vogt & NX

During the NXship Usergroup meeting you had the chance to meet with the guys from De Vogt. De Vogt went from a 2D design process to 3D as one of the first users of NX in shipbuilding.

Read more about their challenges, results and planned next steps in using NX and Teamcenter.


We are now building up an industry specific one only for our ship customers. Have a look and see for yourself - FAQ This will be are more interactive way of communicating with our customers, and you will be able to find solutions to what others have asked for before. Browse through the folder structure or use the search command. You need to be logged in to see the industry folder. If you do not have a user, just contact us. It is also possible to log support cases directly. It will then pop up similar suggestions on the right hand side. You can also use the FAQ to get an overview of all your existing cases. Please give us some feedback on our FAQ.

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