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June 2018

CEO sees a bright future ahead

The organic growth that started in the second part of 2017 continues in an even stronger way in 2018. We experience prosperity in all our industrial companies, which together with a flourishing aftermarket division give strong tailwind for the group.

Lesjöfors’ CEO Kjell-Arne Lindbäck sums up the year so far and looks to the future.

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New digital technology in the UK

A recent investment, making the most of the latest digital technologies managing the day to day running of the business for European Springs & Pressings, has empowered staff in the Cornwall factory to rise to the challenge that improvements are perpetual.

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Latvia speeds up automatization

Lesjöfors has a constant focus on streamlining the production with automatized processes at all units. Consequently, a new piston rod assembling machine for gas springs production has been installed in the Latvian company.

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Kiekert awards Lesjöfors Slovakia

For the third time, Lesjöfors Slovakia has been awarded as one of the best suppliers to global company Kiekert. In 2017, Lesjöfors was the second best supplier in Europe.

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Top performance in Denmark

The Danish Lesjöfors company in Tinglev has shown impressive results in reliable supplies for a long time. Delivery quality measurements show almost a full score year after year, which customers’ value highly.

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One of Europe's top spring and pressings specialists

Lesjöfors is one of Europe's leading spring suppliers with internationally renowned customers. Our products are available in all possible markets and in different industries, from automotive and engineering industries to health care and household products.

The assortment of springsgas springs and pressings features a unique range, where one of the biggest selections of stock springs is combined with high-tech, customized solutions.

Lesjöfors has manufacturing and sales offices in many European countries and in the US, Mexico, China, Korea and Russia.

Our outstanding technological expertise in the group makes us a complete supplier.

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