Number 2  |  2011

Actions to reduce our environmental impact

Lesj÷fors Tinglev is certified according to ISO 14001:2004 and we work continuously to reduce our impact on the environment. The past couple of years we have especially focused on our power consumption.

We are doing it in many ways:

* Recently we have modernized our premises; all our windows are replaced by the newest low-energy windows. We have also put in extra insulating material in the building where necessary.

* For five years, we have had the goal to reduce our energy consumption. Last year we reduced it with 210.000 KWH, which equals 97 tons of carbon dioxide. This is accomplished by simple solutions like:
- optimizing the control of ventilation and linking the compressor control
- automatically closedown of ovens and ventilation dampers 
- reducing the need for compressed air in the processes etc.

* All our employees have training in environmental and energy improvement in the industry, which helps us all to think in energy saving and improvement terms. Often improvements come from the people within the production.

* Our stock is moist controlled, which is an essential way to save resources. Extra corrosion protection, i.e. oiling the springs, is necessary otherwise and implies that the customers have to wash the springs before using them.


Our new, updated facade

We have now a new facade on the building, giving it a warm and modern look with new windows.

Do you have questions or comments; we warmly welcome you to contact us:


Latest news from Lesjofors Tinglev, this time focusing on Environment

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Spring Seminar in September

The next Spring Seminar will be held on September 26th 2011 in Tinglev, Denmark.
You will have the opportunity to learn more about how to design a spring in the most optimal way.

If interested, please contact before September 1.


New investment improves flexibility

We have just invested in a new coiling machine, FUL 35, covering wire diameters from 0.7 up to 3 mm. It is designed for the production of accurate, low-tolerance tension springs and compression spring bodies with highest output rates thanks to groundbreaking new design features.

Fast and easy changeover of cutting types with the aid of the new multi-cut system is now possible. The FUL 35 offers even greater flexibility and user-friendliness. The new PTP 3D coiling finger helps to define new quality standards for the production of torsion springs with tangential and axial bends convert it into a high-speed torsion spring coiler.

Shorter setup times, thanks to fast and accurate tool adjustments, are made possible by the comprehensive CNC control technology.


Lesjofors is International, but works locally together with our customers

Lesj÷fors has factories or sales offices in nine countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Latvia, Korea and China.

During the past year, Lesj÷fors Tinglev has established a production of wire springs, in our factory in China. Therefor we can also now support you with wire springs locally in China.

For more information, please contact:

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