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The interest in Funka Acessibility Days is greater than ever - Book your ticket now!

It is happening soon, this year's edition of Europe's largest conference on information accessibility. April 17-18, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of Funka Accessibility Days, and the interest breaks all records. Get useful information about the upcoming laws and standards that will come into effect this autumn and be inspired by news in technology, design and content. We give you practical tips, good examples and opportunities to listen to inspirational speakers like Paul Timmers and Christopher M. Lee. Take the chance to meet like-minded people and make new contacts. Welcome!

José Angel Martínez Usero at the EIPonAHA meeting in Brussels. Photo

Innovative digital solutions a key component for Active and Healthy Ageing

As coordinator for the WE4AHA project, Funka recently participated in and supported the European Commission with the Conference of Partners of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing in Brussels, The conference focused on how to ensure a large-scale deployment of innovative digital solutions, as a key component of the transformation of health and care.

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Stavanger municipality made their website accessible with BrowseAloud

Stavanger municipality in Norway is focusing on making their web content understandable. One way to help users who struggle with reading is to provide built in assistive technology. After scanning the market, Browsealoud, delivered by Funka, turned out to be the best option, with a simple and intuitive interface.

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To overcome digital barriers in employment – project now completed

Digital barriers in the work environment can be a major obstacle for persons with disabilities to actively participate in modern working life. With funding from Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, Funka has conducted a project in which we point out solutions for accessibility in financial system.

Jansen plays Tchaikovsky Violin Concert in the Concert Hall Stockholm. Photo

Making our musical heritage accessible

Funka has helped the concert hall Konserthuset Stockholm to make its historic archive accessible for all. Through digital solutions, culture can reach a wider audience.

Joakim Centervik shows how computer aids work during Funca's Accessibility Days. Photo

Thoughts from a neurophysiotypical person

Linus Ersson, Interaction Designer and Accessibility and User Experience Expert at Funka, reflects on what is considered beautiful or ugly according to norms, what fits into a certain context or not and how words can define us.

Three questions
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Three questions for Ebba Myrsten, Partner Liaison and Test Person Coordinator at Funka

What do you do as Partner Liaison at Funka?

I am the link between Funka and the disability movement. Funka wants to be useful for real and we can never do that without understanding the organisations' work and the needs of their members. Through the close cooperation we can pull our weight - where needed. With regular contact, Funka is there to listen to the needs of users, then try to create solutions to perceived problems through joint projects.

How does Funka work with the disability movement as partners?

In several different ways. Of course, we deliver our products and services to the organisations. But my focus is our collaborative projects funded by a third party financier. Through the partnership, Funka gets the basis for what we should prioritise and the disability movement gets to take part of Funka's research and innovation. That is a valuable information and experience exchange, a win-win situation! We at Funka can not or should not pursue any interest policy, but it is extremely important that we understand the perspective of the organisations, regarding both big and small issues. As partners, we develop ideas that make the world a bit better - together. Perhaps there are missing facts, an unexplored area that needs to be highlighted or a problem that requires a solution. We assist where necessary. The partnership becomes a way to learn from each other and always keep the right direction.

What is the most exciting with user tests?

The user tests are actually Funka in its purest form. Each test is unique and the most exciting thing is that it can never be too many user tests done. I find it exciting to meet users that teach our accessibility experts new things each time. Funka would not be able to be world leading at accessibility without our user tests. It is the users who are the real experts. As our motto says: "Everything we recommend is tested in reality".

Other news
A person with robot legs and crutches. Photo

Assistive tech is progressing faster than ever

When it comes to technology that really changes people's lives, very little compares to tech that's designed to help persons with disabilities lead fuller, more active, more independent, or simply more dignified lives.

Smart glasses. Photo

Smart glasses stage new experiences for deaf theater visitors

London's National Theatre is using augmented reality with eyewear, that display subtitles in their field of vision to make its performances more accessible for hard of hearing customers.

A person takes a picture with a smartphone. Photo

Seeing AI app for visually impaired persons

The app uses artificial intelligence to recognise objects, people and text via a phone or tablet’s camera and describes them to the visually impaired user.

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