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Updated no 8 - 2018

News from Funka
A person reviewing the accessibility of a website. Photo

20% discount on audits until 23 September!

The updated accessibility standards mean that most of our customers need to review their digital interfaces before the Web Accessibility Directive enters into force. Public sector and others covered by the directive must know their status of accessibility in order to publish an accessibility statement to comply. But don't panic! We offer discounts on reviews until September 23rd.

A graphic futuristic interface. Photo/Illustration

Accessibility of the future

This summer, Funka’s Andreas Cederbom was invited as one of the speakers at the ICCHP conference in Linz, Austria, a research conference focusing on assistive technologies for persons with disabilities. He shares his impressions about some of the innovations that may be the assistive technology of the future.

People who work together. Photo

New regulations, new requirements and updated standards

Europe is soon to have legislation on web accessibility and requirements are updated to fit the new landscape. If you feel confused about WCAG and EN301549, this article may clarify some issues.

Woman buying metro ticket at vending machine. Photo

Funka develops self-declaration tool for self service terminals

Funka will develop a self-declaration tool for the Norwegian monitoring agency Difi. In Norway, the legal requirements for accessibility also apply to self service terminals. The tool will facilitate the work of supervising the requirements.

Two persons using a computer. Photo

Innovation project on comprehensible content

Together with Botkyrka Municipality and Linnaeus University, Funka will develop a method for helping the public sector to produce information that is easier to understand. Based on experiences from previous research projects, we test different models to reach persons with a mother tongue other than the official national one, with funding from Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency.

A person work with a laptop. Photo

Accessible PDF files with help from Funka

In the production of their annual report, the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media turned to Funka to convert the comprehensive document into PDF format.

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Between hope and despair

Monitoring and possible fines can be a driving force for accessibility. But at the same time, threats can mean that services are taken down. How do we make sure that legislation increases accessibility?

Seminar during Funka Accessibility Days. Photo

Psst….Save the date!

9-10 April 2019, it is time for Funka Accessibility Days, Northern Europe's largest conference on accessible ICT. For the eleventh successive year, let yourself be inspired by some of the world's leading experts and learn more about content, design, assistive technology, legislation, development, technology and much more!

Funka Accessibility Days have now become so popular that we have grown out of the old premises. In 2019, the event will take place at Quality Hotel Friends in Solna. Save the date in your calendar already now! See you in 9-10 April 2019!

Three questions
Ryan Bussell. Photo

Three Questions for Ryan Bussell, on the IAAP Conference on European Web Accessibility Regulations, 5 December 2018 in Brussels

Who should attend?

Many companies are already affected by digital accessibility regulations and more are on the way, so this is a great time to have your questions answered! We’re looking for people responsible for ensuring their products and services comply with the Procurement Directive, the Web Accessibility Directive and the upcoming European Accessibility Act. Since we’ll be discussing both policy on a strategic level and also hands-on, practical methods for compliance, this conference is open to everyone from Managers and Project Leaders to the technicians who put these changes into action. We offer discounts for IAAP members.

What is in the program?

During the conference we will cover both current regulations and upcoming regulations, presented by leading subject matter experts in the field. We will give you a step-by-step walkthrough of what the legislations mean and how to comply with the standards.

We are happy to welcome distinguished speakers like Inmaculada Placencia Porrero, Deputy Head of Unit for Rights of Persons with Disabilities within the Directorate General for Justice at the European Commission, and Catherine Naughton, Director at the European Disability Forum.

Why should you not miss this event?

This event offers a unique possibility to catch up with accessibility regulations at a time when many changes are going on simultaneously. To many companies and corporations, the topic is still quite new and complex. This day will provide all the information you need – both strategically and practically.

Welcome to an exclusive, high-level, full day conference on digital accessibility regulations!

IAAP Conference on European Web Accessibility Regulations, 5 December 2018

Other news
The Xbox Adaptive Controller and a gamer with limited mobility. Photo

Xbox Adaptive Controller lends a helping hand for gamers with disabilities

Mastering the various buttons, thumbsticks, triggers and touchpads of video game controllers is hard enough, but it can be nearly impossible for people with limited mobility and forms of disability. Microsoft has unveiled a versatile new device to cater to different players' specific needs.

The basic SpeakSee system. Photo

SpeakSee uses mics and app to get deaf people in on the conversation

Speech-to-text apps that allow deaf users to read what other people are saying, are often thwarted by background noise or multiple people speaking at once. SpeakSee is a new multi-mic system that utilizes a "beam-forming" directional system to get around that problem.

Flexible skin display. Photo

The future of skin electronics

Engineering researchers at the University of Tokyo and Dai Nippon Printing have developed an ultrathin display which sticks to skin. The device turns your skin into a virtual screen that can display your medical information.

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