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Issue October - 2018

Reference Sites key updates

EIT Health event “Praça Vida+”

Between 20-22 July, the EIT Health event “Praça Vida+” took place in Coimbra, Portugal. Citizens were invited to learn more about different health related issues and to participate in activities, such as healthy lifestyle assessments, health literacy, testing of technology and wellbeing products and to watch and engage in debates.

RSCN and WE4AHA at A3 AG Face2Face meeting in Verona. Phone

RSCN and WE4AHA at A3 AG Face2Face meeting in Verona

EIP on AHA Action Group A3, focusing on Lifespan Health Promotion & Prevention of Age Related Frailty and Disease, met 11-12 July in Verona, Italy. The meeting targeted the most recent developments and achievements of the A3 members, focussing on how to link A3 good practices with the needs expressed by the Reference Sites, and on future plans.

The Norther Ireland RS thematic workshop main findings. Photo

The Northern Ireland RS thematic workshop main findings

Financially supported by the Horizon 2020 WE4AHA Project, the Northern Ireland Reference Site thematic workshop on technology and the scaling up of innovation in health and social care, was held in Belfast, on October 1st. The workshop, side event of the WHO International Healthy Cities Conference, showcased the importance of innovative digital solutions to support active and healthy ageing, successful collaborations between Reference Sites featuring twinning opportunities, and innovative ways of procurement.

Upcoming events
Two persons using a tablet. Photo

The Andalusia RS thematic workshop

Andalusia Reference Site organizes a workshop on the theme “Digital health for all”, which will be held next 25th October 2018 in Brussels. At the event, several initiatives from Reference Sites and other institutions will be presented and stakeholders could draw inspirations on cooperation opportunities to reach the goals of the digital transformation of health and care.

Three questions to
Lisa Leonardini. Photo

Three questions to ProMIS network

Three questions to Lisa Leonardini, ProMIS’ coordinator of the technical operating committee, on the aim of the network, benefits on collaborating with PROMIS and strategies for the future.

Featured reference site
The Plug & Play test lab in the Region of Southern Denmark. Photo

The successful ecosystem from the Region of Southern Denmark

The Region of Southern Denmark has had great success as a Reference Site. Success’ key factors are the implementation of a structural reform aimed at making clearer responsibilities between health providers and creating stronger economical commitment for health infrastructures, in combination with being a frontrunner when it comes to digitalization, accessing and utilizing healthcare-related data.

Featured innovative practice
An elderly person with virtual glasses. Photo

Smart Ageing Serious Games software platform for assessment of cognitive impairments

Smart Ageing Serious Games is a virtual reality-based game for early assessment of cognitive impairments. The navigation in a 3D environment stimulates the basic elements of interaction of home living, which results in a powerful screening tool.

Other news
A crowded street corner. Photo

Stay tuned for next Reference Sites’ opportunities

During the next period, several high impact activities will be announced, such as new calls for thematic workshops and Reference Sites as well as new rounds for twinning pairs.

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