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EIP on AHA Newsletter, Issue Oct - 2019


77 Regional and local organisations awarded Reference Site status. Photo

77 Regional and local organisations are awarded Reference Site status - Results from the 2019 Call for Reference Sites

As a result of the Call for Reference Sites 2019, a total of 77 regional and local organisations have been awarded “Reference Site” status. These organisations have shown excellence in the development, adoption and scaling up of innovative practices for active and healthy ageing. Reference Sites drive structural change far beyond the scope any one particular organisation could achieve on its own, helping to create an environment for other regions across Europe to learn, transfer and adapt knowledge to local realities, with regional, social and economic development as the long-term objective. Congratulations to all!

CoP 2019 conference. Photo

Highlights from the CoP 2019 – Blueprint & SHAFE, scaling up regional innovation

Couldn’t make it to the 2019 Conference of Partners? Don’t worry, we have captured the highlights from this year’s event that took place in Aarhus, Denmark as part of the joint mission with the Active Assisted Living (AAL) Programme to support ageing and care through digital transformation. On the first day, we were joined by experts and high-level representatives from the field of active and healthy ageing from across Europe and beyond.

Highlights from the CoP 2019. Photo

Highlights from the CoP 2019 – I2M, MAFEIP and the Reference Site Award Ceremony

The second day of the Conference of Partners started with the same energy as we finished on the first day. Three EIP on AHA sessions were programmed during the day topped off by celebrating the recently awarded 77 Reference Sites from across Europe. It was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate and learn from one another!

The MAFEIP logo

The Healthcare Evaluation Tool MAFEIP reaches 27 countries

The MAFEIP User Community has increased intensively during the last few months, showing that many organisations are aware of the importance of analysing the cost-effectiveness of their innovations. There are currently more than 15 cases available on the website and more cases will be published soon. Are you interested in estimating the health and economic outcomes of your health innovations and interventions? Get involved!

A seminar. Photo

WE4AHA thematic workshop outcomes: Oulu’s Path to innovations powered by 5G

At the beginning of 2019, the We4AHA project launched the Call for EIP on AHA Reference Sites Thematic Workshops. These Workshops aim to feed the elaboration of views and orientations on the major challenges affecting the AHA in the framework of the European Union policy priorities. OuluHealth was one of the successful applicants to the 2019 call and partnered with the HIMSS & Health European Conference to host a Thematic Workshop to show what advancements 5G technology will bring to future healthcare.

DIH catalogue image

Digital Innovation Hubs: helping companies across the economy to make the most of digital opportunities

This brochure provides a brief overview on the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) - in which regions play an important role by steering financial sources in setting up them and encouraging SMEs to work with them.

Meeting about ethics, data and privacy. Photo

Ethics, data and privacy protection: who will take responsibility and how we proceed to a common framework for IT-AHA in Europe?

During the Conference of Partners 2019, Virtask and Caritas Coimbra featured a workshop dedicated to Ethics, data and privacy protection.The goal of this workshop was to raise discussion on how to make sure that older - mostly not tech-savvy - people who use non-medical technology solutions are ‘safe’ where it concerns their data and privacy.

Bike sharing. Photo

The sharing economy at the service of promoting active ageing: the case of the European Colabor-Active project

The European Colabor-Active project, funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme, has the objective of exploring the potential of digital platforms and the sharing economy in promoting ageing in five European countries: Austria, France, Germany, Greece and Spain. The project has designed a training course to promote the social participation of older people through digital platforms.

SoCaTel logo

SoCaTel - A multi-stakeholder co-creation platform for better access to long-term care services

SoCaTel is a European project that is creating a new technological platform that will include users, professionals and public administrations in the design of services related to dependence. The main aim of this project is to co-create a platform to allow citizens to participate in designing services to improve the lives of people who are dependent on others.

A nurse at work. Photo

Medical University of Lodz (Poland) is dedicating its International Doctoral School to the subject of Active and Healthy Ageing

In the academic year 2020/2021, the Medical University of Lodz in Poland plan to open a pilot programme dedicated to PhD candidates in the field of biomedicine of Active and Healthy Ageing. The Programme is a result of the improvement of the education methodology based on the knowledge triangle model in the EIT Health partnership. The Programme of the International Doctoral School is open to all candidates free of charge.

Funding opportunities

Procurement meeting. Photo

Pre-commercial Procurement for Digital Health and Care Solutions

Key challenges that could be addressed are patient empowerment, self-management, patient safety, patient involvement, chronic disease management, diagnosing, hospital logistics, skills and independent living.

3D protes. Photo

Pre-commercial procurement for integrated care solutions

PCP actions targeting consortia of procurers with similar procurement needs that want to procure together the development of innovative integrated care solutions to modernise public services whilst creating growth opportunities for industry and researchers in Europe in addition to new markets. These can include, but are not limited to, formal or informal organisational solutions, personal-health and self-care solutions, professional care solutions and ICT-based solutions.

Care tech. Photo

Call for tender for pre-commercial procurement tackling hospital superbugs

Six European healthcare procurers from Barcelona (ES), Sheffield (UK), Aachen (DE), Trento (IT) and Wuppertal (DE) invite industry to submit offers to their Anti-SUPERBUGS pre-commercial procurement. This PCP challenges industry to develop smart ICT solutions able to detect the presence of resistant microorganisms, give real-time feedback to the user and share the information with the healthcare provider electronic record systems linking the infection with the place of the detection. Deadline for submission of offers is 28 October 2019.

Robot in action. Photo

Research and Innovation boosting promising robotics applications

Innovative approaches to hard research problems in relation to applications of robotics in promising new areas are particularly encouraged. Proposals are expected to enable substantially improved solutions to challenging technical issues, with a view of take-up in applications with high socio-economic impact and low environmental footprint, where appropriate.

Diabetic check. Photo

AI for the smart hospital of the future

New digital technologies will play a role in transforming health and care systems. In particular, artificial intelligence and robotics have the potential to transform health and care facilities across their range of functions from the clinical aspects (screening and prevention, diagnosis, treatment, surgical support) to organisational and logistical aspects (such as the management and distribution of medicines and wider supplies across the facility).

Get involved

I2M logo

I2M matchmaking

In the context of the WE4AHA CSA, there is a specific call to matchmaking supply and demand sides of innovative digital solutions in Active and Healthy Ageing. Send in your AHA needs by the 14/11 that a supplier/company could meet. Be part of the supply-demand matchmaking in Barcelona on 24-27/02/2020.

People standing and looking at a blueprint. Photo

Call for support to the Blueprint

The aim of this call is to enlarge the Blueprint community and diversify the types of stakeholders contributing to the Blueprint work and activities. We are seeking input from stakeholders with active involvement in deploying digital health and care services at scale at a national, regional or local level.

Two persons in a boat. Photo

Call for papers – Age-friendly cities

The Hague University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands and the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK, are arranging a Feature Paper Special Issue titled "Age-Friendly Cities & Communities: State of the Art and Future Perspectives". Your contribution is welcomed!

Old women fall on the floor. Photo

Call for Chapters: Integrated Care and Fall Prevention in Active and Healthy Ageing

As mentioned in the A2 Renovated Action Plan 2018-2020. An edited book (IGI Global) of chapters will be published early next year. The Call for Chapters is now open. Don't miss out on this opportunity to report on the research and development you are carrying out on Falls Prevention.


Data graph. Photo/Illustration

Joining the Dots Conference, 27-28/11/2019 in Brussels, Belgium

Ensuring better data for person-centred health and care, optimised research and Learning Health Systems. Come and learn from seven leading European initiatives
Contribute to key recommendations and future strategies for Europe. The Digital Health Europe project is jointly organising a specific parallel session titled “Boosting digital transformation of health and care: scaling up and evaluation” with Funka, ECHAlliance, Empirica and Open Evidence.

A workshop. Photo

Interactive workshops on default accessibility in authoring tools, 15-17/10/2019 in Brussels, Belgium

Could your next authoring tool improve accessibility? Take the opportunity to learn more about built in accessibility in authoring tools and influence the market sharing your experiences! Within the EU-funded project We4Authors, Funka, EDF, ERRIN and ANEC are inviting you to join one of our interactive and free of charge workshops in Brussels from the 15-17 October 2019.

A roadmap. Photo

Neurotech Forum - International forum on neuromorphic computing, 4/11/2019 in Leuven, Belgium

The Neurotech forum is an initiative of the Neurotech project funded by the European Commission. It aims to be the connecting element to consolidate and disseminate the state of the art of neuromorphic technology and to create a transforming roadmap for future progress, unleashing the power of NCT in smart technologies of the future.

Flying drone. Photo

WHINN – Week of Health and INNovation Conference, 19-21/11/2019 in Odense, Denmark

This year’s conference focuses on better healthcare through future technology and has 5 tracks: Digital Health, Home Based Healthcare, Robots and Drones, Easy and Equal Access to Care – and the Future Healthcare Professionals.

Meditech. Photo/Illustration

Workshop: Successful adoption of healthcare innovation: The active and healthy ageing market, 2/12/2019 in Barcelona, Spain

Get to know more about moving digital innovation ahead in your organisation. Are you a healthcare or a social organisation involved in providing support to people? Do you want to go digital and to acquire new digital technologies? Unsure about what skills, tools and techniques you need to use to move ahead and measure success? To answer these challenging questions, Innovation to Market (I2M) join this half-day workshop on the day prior to the 2019 EHTEL Symposium.

EHTEL Symposium logo

EHTEL Annual Symposium 2019, 3-4/12/2019 in Barcelona, Spain

On 3-4 December 2019, EHTEL’s annual Symposium event is going local. It steps outside the "Brussels bubble” and takes place in Barcelona, Spain. Come to the 2019 EHTEL Symposium and benefit in at least eight different ways. Grasp the opportunity to contribute to the latest explorations of what’s coming up next in intelligent, participative, and caring developments in European health and care. Discover especially the last frontiers of Artificial Intelligence in health and care.

Brussels city. Photo

B-Day boosting connectivity investments, 2-3/12/2019 in Brussels, Belgium

The conference aims to bring together all relevant stakeholders and inform on the latest developments on EU initiatives and their implementation. At the same time, it will also look to the future by bringing together cutting-edge technologies, business models and finance and research, trying to identify synergies and build on them.

Eldery persons using computers. Photo

WE4AHA thematic workshop: Implementing a comprehensive approach to integrated care, 3-4/12/2019 in Rome, Italy

After a selection process carried out by Funka in coordination with the European Commission, the Reference Site Campania has been awarded with one of the 2019 EIP on AHA funded thematic workshops, that will be organised in Rome on the 3-4 December 2019 focusing on "Implementing comprehensive approach to integrated care".

EGen 2019 logo

European Conference on Ageing and Gerontology - EGEN 2019, 7-8/12/2019 in London, United Kingdom

The EGen2019 Conference features honourable attendances and keynotes by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro (Osaka University, Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories), Professor James Barlow (Imperial College London, UK), Professor Paul Higgs (UCL, UK) and Professor Nick Tyler (UCL, UK) as well as highly prominent academics.

Spotlight on Central Denmark/Aarhus

People meeting. Photo

The AAL Forum – EIP on AHA CoP 2019

The AAL Forum – EIP on AHA CoP 2019 host city, Aarhus, played an important role in helping Denmark to become the most digital society in Europe, according to the 2018 Digital economy and Society Index. It is actively addressing the challenges of demographic change through the empowerment of senior citizens and by making technology available to its citizens, providing care services that promote active lifestyles and independence for the older community. The Central Denmark Region, to which Aarhus belongs, has also recently been awarded a 4-star Reference Site, highlighting their excellence in driving innovation at regional level in the pursuit of better lives for the ageing population. However, it was the local older people who really stole the visitors’ hearts.

The older people in Aarhus opened up their city and their homes by organising a series of activities to show attendees how the city gives citizens the opportunity to live active and healthy lives and be part of a social society. Activities included a guided run with seniors, dinner with local end users at their homes and swimming with senior “Viking” volunteers in the Aarhus Harbour swimming facility.

Thank you for having us and for being a leading example of the impact successful active and healthy ageing policies can have at a local level.

EIP ON AHA This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under Grant Agreement No 769705

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