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Accessibility is important. No matter what type of information or channel you choose to communicate it through you always aim to reach as many people as possible. To comply with standards and recommendations is therefore always a good idea.

However, accessibility is multifaceted, thus there are many aspects to take in account when creating a sendout, which in combination may affect its accessibility:

  • Markup
    No matter if it is a web page or e-mail sendout the underlying HTML code must comply with standards to be correctly interpreted and rendered by Whom or What it is being read.
  • Design
    Layout, colors, text sizes affect a sendout's accessibility and readability. You must be willing to compromise with your design freedom to be able to achieve full accessibility.
  • Content
    What and how you write something is perhaps the most important factor. It doesn't matter how nicely designed the information is if the content is too "heavy" for the person reading it. If you are to created sendouts aiming to be accessible you need to know how to write in an accessible and understandable way.

Note: With regard to e-mail marketing it is a difficult task to achieve accessibility due to the fact that not all e-mail programs comply to standards.

An e-mail sendout which meet accessibility requirements and work in an e-mail program does not always work in another. Depending on the availability requirements you have as a company or organization you can be forced to compromise between accessibility and layout when designing your sendouts.

For many years, in a changing industry, we have helped customers finding the balance between accessibility standards such as WCAG, business requirements for accessibility and what is practically possible to achieve when it comes to e-mail marketing.

To make it easy we offer three levels of accessibility:

  • Level A - full accessibility with very few layout extras. Be prepared to go back to basic!
  • Level B - very high level of accessibility still allowing for some layout extras.
  • Level C - no accessibility requirements allowing for full design freedom.

To create a design that fits all groups of users is becoming increasingly important - commercials web operators, IT-consultants and laymen - are beginning to see the importance of what many governments agencies - and we - have worked with for a long time.

Do you have accessibility requirements for your sendouts?
Please contact us and we will be happy to explain how accessible you can get your sendouts.

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