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IdRelay has lots of features to enable you to communicate with your recipients smoothly and easily.

On this page you can read what IdRelay is capable of and how the tool can help you with your sendouts.

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E-mail sendouts and Text messaging

IdRelay lets you do e-mail marketing and SMS distribution to your recipients and co-publish in social media like Twitter and Facebook. Each sendout can be tracked in real time.

Sendouts can be sent immediately, timed or event-driven, such as when new subscribers signs up.

IdRelay supports the use of customer specific sender domain and address, eg. and info@news.customerdomain. in combination with authentication technologies like SPF/SenderId and DKIM/DomainKey to increase deliverability.

  • Your tool for e-marketing through e-mail and text messaging.
  • Supports immediately, timed and event-driven sendouts.
  • HTML-, text- and web version of all sendouts to maximize readability.
  • Supports customer specific sender domain and address with authentication technologies like SPF/SenderId and DKIM/DomainKey.
  • Supports blocking-list.
Handle recipients

Handle recipients

With IdRelay you can let your subscription list or customer club grow at your pace. IdRelay handle all types of recipients with unlimited amount of supplementary information. This means you can store everything from e-mail and mobile number to the recipients name, location, number of transfers, etc. on a recipient or add these fields over time.

You can group recipients in recipient lists so you can easily keep track of who is subscribed to what newsletter. IdRelay makes sure no duplicates appears in the lists.

  • Ad new recipients via subscribe form, API call, or import of text- and Excel-files.
  • Handles unlimited amount of supplementary information for a recipient.
  • Export to text- and Excel-files.
  • Integrate IdRelay with your existing CRM-, business system or content management system through automated transfers or syncs.


It is important to follow up the sendouts you do. That way you can see if the information you send will fall on fertile soil of your recipients and adjust before the next sendout. Monitoring is important because your recipients is your hard currency. With these, you have established a trust, they have accepted your information - and they expect the relevant one. If you make the mistake of sending information that they do not expect or that you through IdRelays report system can see that they are not interested in you risk that they simply decline future sendouts.

IdRelay has support for Google Analytics so you can follow the recipients actions from the time they click your sendouts to they reach your website, how they move through it to finally buy or order something from you.

Use IdRelay to care for your customer club!

  • Real-time reporting.
  • All sendouts can be followed-up for further evaluation.
  • See what your recipients have taken interest in, what links the recipient clicked, who forwarded your sendout to a friend, unsubscribes and what addresses bounced.
  • Graphical representation of views and clicks when your recipients have interacted with your sendouts.
  • Automatic handling of "soft" and "hard" bounces as well as unsubscribes.
Always ready and free user support

Always ready and free user support

IdRelay is web based. This means you always have access to the tool around the clock. The sendouts you are doing are sent from and completely handled by our servers. No installation or hardware required.

IdRelay support stands ready to assist you with questions about your sendouts, design templates, pairing with your existing business or website or as a know-how consultant on issues around e-marketing.

Helping people to help themselves by all means but the fastest way to get answers is undoubtedly to simply ask. We love hearing from our customers so do not hesitate to contact us. This allows us to more easily catch up on how our tools are used by our customers and thus improving it further.

  • IdRelay is web based.
  • Always available 24 hours a day.
  • Sendouts completely handled by our servers and system.
  • Safe operation and monitoring.
  • Free user support.
Work easily with templates

Work easily with templates

With IdRelay you create sendouts with the help of templates. This means that your sendouts are almost finished before you even start creating them. The templates are already adapted with regards to deliverability and availability and all you have to do is upload your photos and enter the text you want to include with it.

The templates allow you to copy and move text and image blocks, and if you wish to fill your sendout with an existing RSS feeds, this is easy.

Templates or pre-fabricated sendouts can be retrieved from an external web site via URL.

The templates can contain fields macros so you can create personalized sendouts. Eg "Hi Tina!"

If you wish to include document such as a PDF or Word, excel file with a sendout IdRelay allows for this.

  • Quick and easy with templates.
  • Copy and move text and image blocks.
  • Insert external contents through RSS-feed.
  • Retrieve templates or pre-fabfricated sendouts from external web sites through a URL.
  • Supports field macros to create personalized sendouts. Eg "Hi Tina!"
  • Include files with your sendouts that recipients can download by clicking a link.
  • Supports accessibility in line with WCAG 2.0
Social media

Social media

Successful e-marketing is done through several different channels. IdRelay let you co-publish your sendouts and text messagings on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Co-publish sendouts on Twitter and Facebook.
Online surveys


Why settle for one-way communication?
Increase interaction with your customers and target audiences and find out how they think on various issues, such as your brand or your products. With IdRelay you can esily create and conduct online surveys.

  • Easy to create and conduct online surveys.
Language support and adaptations

Language support and adaptations

IdRelay can adjust to you and your needs. With the
built-in language support, you can easily make sendouts to various nationalities.

Sendout templates, landing pages, thank you pages, subscription forms, tell-a-friend-operation, surveys, de-registration pages, can all in terms of layout and linguistically be adapted.

The apparance of the entire tool can be white-labelled and customized to fit into an existing graphic customer profile.

Do you need special solutions? We are always ready to improve IdRelay to meet our customers' needs and the future!


  • Everything can be adapted and designed.
  • User and permission system.


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